How To Get Leads For My Business

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How to get leads for my business?

Are you finding it difficult to create a stream of consistent qualified leads for your business?

Join the club, there are thousands, perhaps millions of business owners in the same boat as you.

When I started out in sales, many years ago, there was only one way for me to get leads, and that was through cold calling.

Yes door to door knocking. Hard core sales.

Not the easiest job, but I was in college and needed to pay for my tuition.

I was selling solar heating, to people who already had hot water and didn’t care much about the savings over 10 years.

I didn’t enjoy being chased away by clients who don’t want to open the door. Not to mention by the dogs who thought I was trespassing.

Although it was tough. It helped me to accept rejection and always looking for next “no” that brought me closer to the next yes.

It also helped me to become tenacious in my sales discipline.

Cold calling is not for the faint hearted, but a very good starting point to learn sales skills.

Many years later cold calling is still an effective way to generate sales in some industries, but today many industries operate without any cold calling.

There is essentially two ways to generate leads.

Outbound and inbound marketing.

The outbound marketing is where you call the customers directly through door to door or tele canvassing etc.

Inbound marketing is where you get clients to call you. In the “old days” you would place an ad in a newspaper or trade journal and wait for the phone to ring.

Which one do you think you prefer? Inbound or outbound marketing?

Most people prefer inbound, the good part of inbound marketing is that the potential client does not need to be “SOLD” as they were looking for you they were not watching TV when you knocked on the door with some product they were not even looking for.

The wonderful thing about inbound marketing is that there is effectively no selling involved and no need to get “salesy”.

People hate being “SOLD” anything, they prefer to buy things they want, not what someone tries to push on them.

This alone is the biggest benefit of getting clients to call you.

Today with the internet and online marketing there is a plethora of ways to generate leads through inbound marketing.

Some are very powerful and some are very time consuming and costly and are not worth the effort nor the investment for most business owners.

Lead generation has changed over the years and is still changing as we speak. Generating leads is not only a science it has now become an art.

What method should I use for my business?

You have so many media channels to choose from.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Adwords, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, banner ads, and many more.

I have set up and tried most of these and have paid my school fees. I now know what works and what doesn’t. Without a doubt the lead generator of all time remains with one channel alone.

And the winner is!

From my personal experience in my businesses there is only one tool and media that stands head and shoulders above the rest and that is Google Adwords. Second to that is Facebook.

Never in marketing history has such a powerful tool existed.

For example the stats you can get are so powerful.

From some basic research using Google Keyword planner I can now find out exactly how many searches there are for my product per month for the last 12 months in my city or region.

Think of how powerful that is for your business.

We used to have the Yellow pages, but they could never tell you how many people are looking for your services and where they were from. Also you had to wait months and even a year before your ad could appear in the Yellow Pages.

This type of marketing information is mind blowing and makes planning a Google Ad campaign so simple and powerful.

You can now work out with a fair bit of accuracy how many qualified leads you can generate in a month.

How powerful is that when you sit down and do some business and cash flow planning. Knowing how many leads you can generate makes a major difference to any business.

No matter what industry you are in there is a very good chance someone is searching today for your service or product in your area be that;

garden services, plumbing services, electrical services, courier, printing, legal services, aluminum windows, trailers, maintenance, pools, CCTV, travel, beauty treatments, water proofing, security, construction, auto spares, air conditioning, architectural services etc etc.

The list just goes on and on.

Did you know that there are over 1.3 billion searches on Google every day.

Where on earth is your business?

where on earth is your business

So now you set up a website and or Facebook page and you still can’t seem to figure out how to get leads in a consistent and predictable manner.

Are you still wondering how to get leads for your business?

If thousands of potential clients are searching for your type of service or product can they find you through Google?

If you are not found on the front of Google then your business is invisible.

Most of your clients are using Google and if they can’t find you, they will find your competition.


Before you carry on reading this do a simple test.

Go to Google right now and search for your products or service in your area and see if you see any Google ads by your competition…

Below is the search term air conditioning

So now that you are back what did see or should I rather say, who did you find?

Did you see your competitors there?

There is only one reason your competitors are there and that is they are getting leads and making money.

Talking of which. Take a wild guess how much money google makes on these tiny little ads per annum.

Below is a graph of Googles annual revenue from 2001 to 2016 take a close look as how much they generated in 2016

That’s it, $79 Billion!

If their ads were not working then they would not be generating that kind of income and increasing each and every year for 16 years now.

Over to you

So now that you can see that clients are looking for you, feel free to leave a question or comment below or contact us directly so that we can help you get leads.

Warren Horak

Serial Entrepreneur. I coach and mentor entrepreneurs. I help you to find your purpose and grow your business. Let me show you how.

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