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I have been an entrepreneur for my whole life. Currently I coach and mentor entrepreneurs with start-ups, as well as established medium sized businesses who are looking to grow profitably. We measure effective mentoring by the bottom line results –profitability!

My speciality is the effective use of Internet Marketing by integrating social media with conventional internet marketing practises. Profits are maximised by integrated social and conventional strategies which build web based presence and authority, producing measurable results.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs become more successful. My strengths are strategic thinking with a focus on maximising return on investment by using winning online and offline marketing and business strategies.

I utilize over 30 years of personal experience in many business spheres   – from start-ups, to marketing, sales administration and general management.

The tools of my trade are coaching, mentoring, personal and business analysis, planning, training, team building, internet strategy and online marketing.

Birth of Inspirations Marketing

Necessity is the mother of invention. In the world of internet marketing, rarely if at all, can one find an IT specialist who understands creative website design or a website builder who understands marketing, or a marketer who understands the complexities and power of social media.

The business world is littered with niche specialists, unable to commit to achieving measurable results. A beautiful website or advert is useless if it is not found by your potential clients and is therefore ineffective in translating into bottom line measurable profitability.

“Sure they can give you a nice looking website or advert, but they can’t commit to how much business that will mean for you.”

I saw a massive need for businesses to leverage successful marketing strategies and tactics to increase their profitability, especially via the new shop front – the internet. The opportunities are seemingly endless, if you know what you are doing!

Sometime the best way to learn is to do it yourself. 

It took me many years to get to understand the online marketing world. In a relentless search for results, after hundreds of hours of private study though reading, training, webinars, seminars, blogs and videos the picture emerged. Online Marketing started achieving  results in my own businesses and in those of my clients.

I am now in position to help others navigate this maze of new technology and IT jargon, a position  where I am able to help others to succeed – through leveraging their inspired online and offline marketing.

Information overload

In this information age, information technology and interconnectivity has literally exploded, especially in the arena of social media. There is so much information readily available most entrepreneurs and business owners do not know where to start, and often fall back on antiquated methods that may have worked for their predecessors.

If you want someone to coach you through all the clutter, so that you can finally make some real money through leveraging the internet for greater profits, then don’t delay, contact me today.

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