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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

SEO for normal businesses


So how does your SEO help me in my normal business?

Well, before I answer that question, lets take a look at what SEO is and why you need it.

Most people today do not use the yellow pages they simply google things…. or search the internet.

The internet is like one massive library of information that is growing each second.

Google and other search engines are like the library index. When your prospective customer is now comes to the library (the internet) they use Google to find what is available.

SEO for normal businesses


If you are not on the first few pages of Google then it is like having a beautiful well stocked shop in the South Pole.


Your shop might look great but no one can find you!

Making your visible through Google – SEO

What we do for you is we get you listed and visible on Google’s index and then we start to let Google know that your site is very important to people who are searching for certain things. These things happen to be what you are selling.


Let your customers find you

Suddenly Google knows who you are and what you selling, so when people are looking for service or products online they come rushing to you. Now have crowds at your store.

If that does not work fast enough for you we have other ways of getting clients to your business!


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