Innovative Business Breakthrough

Does your website make you money?

We Transform Your Dead Website,

Into a Sales Machine That Gives You Leads

on Auto Pilot...

Do You Want Leads For Your Business

We can help you even if you do not have a website

We are here to help you grow your business

Are you able to take your business to the next level in sales and profits?

There are two ways we can help you grow.

We Do-It-For you by creating an automated Sales Machine for your business to generate sales leads for you.  This is the quickest way to increase your sales. 

We can Mentor you by helping you analyse your entire business and giving you breakthrough strategies that will take your business to the next level.

The Business Machine this is when we combine Mentorship with  direct business interventions that we provide for you, like our Sales Machine, Strategic Planning, Sales Training, Time Management, Financial Dash Board, Team Development etc. 


You need qualified leads on a regular basis:

  • You are too busy running your business to spend the time learning the intricacies of Google, HTML Code, Facebook, WordPress, Google Adwords, YouTube etc?
  • You would love qualified sales leads to come to you on auto-pilot.
  • You would rather focus on your core competencies than on marketing.
  • You prefer to hire experts to do the specialised heavy lifting for you.
  • You want double of treble your sales


You are ready for mentorship if:

  • You want to spend your time doing what you love
  • You personally want to focus on developing and growing your own business. 
  • You want someone who can walk this road with you, who can help you take the quickest road to success.
  • You are tired of making too many expensive business mistakes.
  • You are looking for;
  • A mentor that can help you avoid business pitfalls and give you an Innovative Blue Print for your business success.

Your Website Must Do These Three Things

Attract visitors

Convert visitors to leads

Convert leads to sales

If your website is not doing this, then let us help you turn your website into a Sales Machine, bringing in hot qualified leads every week

We help you achieve real measurable results in your business

What Our Clients Are saying

This is not a one size fits all approach

We provide a tailor-made solution for your business that grows your bottom line and frees up your time. 

If you are a manufacturer, accountant, plumber, electrician, dentist, local service provider, real estate agent, coach, public speaker, author, expert, consultant, lawyer, doctor.

From local business to large multinational business, we can help!

Do You Want Leads For Your Business

We can help you even if you do not have a website

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