Is Your Website Google Mobile Friendly?  Google Can Send You Tons of Vistors If You Pass Their Test

(Don't Let Your Competition Get Ahead of You)

We will help you get Google Mobile Friendly Website while we turn your website into a Sales Machine that generates leads on auto-pilot

This is no normal website upgrade we are offering. We are not just offering you a professionally designed Google Mobile Friendly website. The Google Mobile website upgrade will include turning your website into a Sales Machine that generates leads and sales revenue on auto pilot. 

" Why go to all the trouble of upgrading your site to a mobile friendly website and miss the opportunity to restructure your website for sales revenue at the same time? Well, we can do both for you."

Avoid the Google Axe

  • This next Google axe is going to be far worse than Panda and Penguin updates that closed many businesses and changed the search world forever.

  • Many businesses websites who were once attracting tons of traffic and business by appearing on the front page of Google searches, disappeared into oblivion and lost millions in revenue overnight.
  • Google is now warning us of the next update and they are targeting ALL non mobile friendly websites. They simply say it will be a "Significant Impact"
  • Imagine loosing 50% of your traffic overnight

  • No matter how much traffic you are currently attracting through Google search, if Google is not happy with each and every page on your website then your website will be listed by Google as non mobile friendly.
  • How much will that cost you and will you be able to get it back?
  • Just work that out, it is like loosing 50% of all the sales you are generating through Google.

This is for you if...

  • You are grappling with getting visitors to your website? It's one thing to have a great website, it's another story to have targeted traffic (visitors) coming to your website 365 days a year.
  • You want to leverage the power of the internet to acquire qualified leads on auto pilot.
  • You as an entrepreneur and professional have limited time each day and just can't get to learn and implement all the sales and marketing stuff that you know your business desperately needs. 
  • You want to outsource your online marketing to a company that cares about your sales and bottom line and has marketing and business expertise all in one. Remember our main focus is to increase your bottom line and return on investment (ROI).
  • You are in a business that relies on getting new business each month and have a potential client base that is actively searching for your products and service online on Google, like the businesses niches mentioned below:    
    • Professional services like attorney, doctor, accountant, architect, interior designer etc. Or if you are in the food industry, home improvement, home maintenance, property development, coaching, consulting, retail, automotive, insurance and business supplies.

      Therefore, no matter whether you are an attorney, doctor, retailer, restaurant owner or you in pool business, air-conditioner business or electric gates and fences; each business needs a unique marketing model and strategy that will harvest the maximum ROI for you as the business owner. 

  • If you are currently advertising on Google - Adwords PPC and Facebook adds etc, but you are just not getting the results you expected. Before we can take you on as a new client we will do a proper website and profit analysis on your business to see what the potential sales and profit for your business is when properly leveraging online marketing strategies . This analysis includes researching actual number of searches and competition for your keywords on Google. After this we will come up with a strategy that will best serve your business in your specific market.
  • If we find in the profit analysis phase that we cannot increase your sales and profitc we will let you know as we believe in honesty and up front transparency. No hard feelings, as we want the best for your business. On top of that you would soon find out if you were not getting results and we were not delivering the goods. Our results are measurable on a month to month basis in terms of key ratios and factors that drive your business.
  • We are not a one size fits all solution. We will optimise your website and strategy to best suit your business needs and objectives.

This is not for you if...

  • You do not want to increase your leads through online marketing and rely solely on word of mouth to grow your business.
  • You are not willing to do proper follow ups on all the leads that you will be getting and giving  them the best service possible. 
  • You are looking for a cheap website design that offers no real sales structure to increase your sales. 
  • You want to have a standard out dated website that is not really designed for sales and making money while you sleep.

Remember, You Don't Just Get a Website Design! We build You a Sales Machine!

These are some of the key benefits and features that we can help you with:

Google Mobile Friendly

We make sure that your website passes the Google Mobile Friendly test.

This means that your website can be found by tons of potential clients who are searching for you on their mobile devices. 

It also means that you will miss the Google Axe that will stop directing Google searchers to non mobile friendly websites from the 21 April 2015

Professional Design

You only have once chance for a first impression. We make sure your company will give a great first impression together with ease of use for your visitors.

See some of our website work below

Sales Machine

The Inspirations Marketing Sales Accelerator. Our sales machine will be structured around your business and market to do three things:

1. To bring visitors to your website.

2. Convert visitors into leads.

3. Convert leads into sales.

We can also help you to build a tribe of loyal fans through content marketing which is your blog that answers the mains questions your clients always have.

The starter sales machine would include a proper copy written sales page, email automation, subcription form, thank you page etc

Traffic Generation

We will develop a strategic sales and marketing plan for your online marketing campaign. We will use the most effective tools to get you the best ROI.

We can get you excellent results with Google PPC Adwords campaigns. We can guarantee at least 20-30% increase in leads on your existing Google campaign

We can also leverage the 1 billion plus users on Facebook to make sure you get targeted visitors in your market.

Conversion Optimisation

With our split testing capabilities and tools we can also provide A/B split test to see what adds works and what sales pages work on your website.

Optimisation is key to improving your ROI. 

Sales Videos

We can improve your sales conversion with HD video explaino and sketch videos and testimonials that really sell for you. 

See example video below

Mobile Apps

You can put your business on the map and build your fan base with a app specifically designed for your business. With loyalty club features, discount coupons and push notifications to all your app users.

Ideal for retailers, restaurants and any business that wants communicate and offer extra benefits for their customer base.


We can do on site SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation). This means we can help you become more Google friendly to make sure Google finds and shows your website to your prospective clients.

"If Google can't find you then it is like your business is invisible and might as well be in the South Pole"

Website Hosting

Monthly website hosting

With secure emails addresses

Monthly website backups

Website security.

Theme and plugin rental.

Apply for Your GOOGLE MOBILE FRIENDLY WEBSITE and Sales Machine now!

Don't wait for the Google axe to hurt your business, get Google Mobile Friendly ASAP

Get your website operating as a Sales Machine on auto pilot​

Apply for Your Free Website Profit Analysis

Each business is different. Therefore each website needs to be customised to fit your niche market and your business. The perfect match is where we create a win-win for both you and your clients. 

Beware of using website designers. More often than not, businesses get their website designed by an IT guy who is technical, but is not a designer. Or they get a graphic designer to design their website who also do not have much technical skill. The true win is where you have all three merging as one solutionmarketing + design + technical skills = Sales Machine. This gives you a website that caters for your clients and generates sales revenue without you having to get involved in all the technical details, design aspects and marketing strategies and tools. 

Isn't this going to be expensive? Good question. However, the better question is what is the ROI (Return in Investment) This is the very reason we do the website profit analysis which will reveal to you your expected ROI. 

How much should i invest in my website design?  Before I answer that, I will ask you another question. How much money would you give me if I can give you $2 for evey $1 you give me each and every month?........The correct answer is;  as much as possible if you doubling your money you will make millions as you keep reinvesting. This is not just website design but a sales machine where we promote your products and services via Google and Facebook. 

Now that's results

“ Three days ago a gentlemen went on to Google and Googled one of my keywords. He found me on the first page of Google He read my articles and blogs on my website He checked me out on LinkedIn, Twitter, Disqus…

He looked at all of this and put it all together… and said, this guy is for real…and phoned me.

Yesterday I signed a 600 K deal with him. Now that’s results!” 

Watch Video Below

Neil Vorster, Johannesburg

Leads Within 7 Days Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

Once we have your website set up, and we turn on the Google Adds you will be on the first page of Google and have leads within 7 days. We are so sure of this that we will give you all your add spend back if in the strange event you don't get any leads within the first 7 days. There is now NO RISK for you!

Founder of Inspirations Marketing 

I am serial entrepreneur who is a business coach and consultant who loves to use my extensive experience in online and offline marketing to leverage your sales in order to increase your profits and reach your dreams.

Necessity is the mother of invention. When I took one of my business online I really struggled to get a proper website and then one that would generate sales. So I went online and learnt how to do it myself as I discovered In the world of internet marketing, rarely if at all, can one find an IT specialist who understands creative website design or a website designer who understands marketing, or a marketer who understands the complexities and power of social media and website design and tools.

The business world is littered with niche specialists, unable to commit to achieving measurable results. A beautiful website or advert is useless if it is not found by your potential clients and is therefore ineffective in translating into bottom line measurable profitability.

I spoke to an attorney who had spent thousands on a website. The website looked good and I asked him how much business did he get out it. He said, "nothing". Can imagine that. There are so many business owners today who are in the exact position all due to fact that they just don't know how or who to speak to. So that resort to going to a IT guys or trust a web-designer to do everything for them. With little or no results. 

“Sure a website designer can give you a nice looking website or advert, but they can’t commit to how much business that will mean for you.”

I saw a massive need for businesses to leverage successful marketing strategies and tactics to increase their profitability, especially via the new shop front – the internet and the new Yellow Pages - Google. The opportunities are seemingly endless, if you know what you are doing!

Sometime the best way to learn is to do it yourself.

It took me many years to get to understand the online marketing world. In a relentless search for results, after hundreds of hours of private study though reading, training, webinars, seminars, blogs and videos the picture emerged. Online Marketing started achieving results in my own businesses and in those of my clients.

I am now in a position to help others navigate this maze of new technology and IT jargon, a position where I am able to help others like you to succeed – through leveraging their inspired online and offline marketing.

It would be my privilege to help you succeed in your business. Contact us today and let us begin the conversation to see where and if we can help you on your business journey. 

Warren Horak, Inspirations Marketing 


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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How Long Will My Website Upgrade Take?

What Platform Do You Use For My Website?

What Is Covered In The Website Profit Analysis

Apply for Your GOOGLE MOBILE FRIENDLY WEBSITE and Sales Machine now!

Don't wait for the Google axe to hurt your business, get Google Mobile Friendly ASAP

Get your website operating as a Sales Machine on auto pilot​